Your personal chef for your company

We are revolutionizing the food game for your company. Our state-of-the-art robotic kitchen chef prepares every meal individually: always fresh and tasty – and ready to serve in under 5 minutes for your employees.

More time, more meal, more me.

Your employees will love it!

We offer top quality

Our culinary chefs have designed every meal with the robotic chef in mind, using the freshest ingredients to create top quality meals with high nutritional value.

We're fast and flexible

Every bowl can be completely customised according to personal preferences. It’s ready in less than 5 minutes, every time.

We're affordable

Our revolutionary cooking concept allows for the best quality at low prices. Employers can subsidise up to 100% of every meal.

Get to know our
delicious bowls

We offer a broad variety of bowl options based on pasta, rice, quinoa and salads. Our high-quality ingredients are always fresh, never frozen. We source our produce locally whenever possible from growers we trust – and adapt our menu seasonally.

Meet our
culinary directors

Aaron and Marianus cooked in Germany's finest restaurants. With their culinary expertise and creative talent, they teach our robotic chef world class cooking skills. They developed every dish according to the robot's abilities – while making sure to offer the best lunch experience with an enormous variety. Every meal is tested to perfection and based on as many regional ingredients as possible.

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This is a list of currently open positions. You can always reach out to us with your CV or LinkedIn profile.