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Aitme Robotic Kitchen - welcome to the Aitme universe

Aitme offers a simple, innovative and cost-effective way to cater to your employees.

Our all-in-one system consisting of a robotic kitchen, an ordering app and an operating system is unrivaled - and the perfect 24/7 addition to your catering concept.

Dive into the world of our all-in-one system!

What our clients say about Aitme:

  • "Our guests and our employees are our top priority. Aitme's robots can support our operations and create a high-quality, fresh offering for off-peak and overnight hours that would be difficult to implement without automation, especially in times of severe staff shortages."

  • "The biggest challenge for us is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. We searched for a long time and when we came across Aitme, we were convinced that Aitme offers exactly what we need. The customer can choose from a wide range of dishes and innovations. This diversity and the offer we support together with Aitme really allows the guest "The Power of Choice" - and that's what BMW stands for."

  • "Probably the coolest chef in the world. Some would call it "spaced" that robots cook for them - for us it is the future. Starting in summer 2023, a robot will cook for our guests for the first time in our Surf Rescue Club in a prime beach location in Grömitz. Under our name "Spacebowls", the Aitme robots will cook pasta, bowls and curries for our guests within minutes. A highlight experience of the future that will be remembered."

  • "The Aitme cooking robot has been very well received by our members and has become an interactive part of the AI Campus. I especially like the regularly changing menu and the possibility to customize the dishes to suit my tastes."

  • "The Aitme robot is the final piece of the puzzle of our SimpliFood offering. Together with Aitme, we will not only change the working world itself but also the way people eat in offices."

Aitme - much more than "just" a robot

Aitme can be operated cost-efficiently with little personnel effort and offers a simple 24/7 solution, allowing for off-peak and night-time catering. Our robotic kitchen can be integrated into an existing canteen or operated as a stand-alone solution at locations without any current culinary offering.


Our kitchen robot prepares all its dishes autonomously in about 5 minutes. Your employees are served quickly and easily - around the clock.

Order app

Thanks to our ordering app your employees have access to a world of delicious dishes for all tastes, whether it's ordering immediatley or conveniently pre-ordering.

Software operating system

The Kitchen Cockpit is our software operating system for the kitchen robot, which makes operations easy for kitchen management and staff. It requires hardly any personnel effort and is an organizational miracle.

Facts, Facts - Food

The Aitme kitchen robot at a glance

Cooking around the clock

Whether during the day, at night or on the weekend: Our kitchen robot is ready to go and cooks fresh, delicious food - around the clock.

Plug & Play

Our 8m² kitchen robot is easily installed by us in only 2 days. For installation you only need a water and electricity connection. Exhaust air is not needed because we use the latest air purification and cooling systems with an integrated dishwasher.

Colorful and delicious

Our kitchen robot cooks up to 60 meals per hour. More than 80 individual dishes have already been developed and new dishes are added regularly - whether pasta, bowl, salad, curry sausage or curry.

Simple operation

Our kitchen robot has a highly optimized workflow and can be operated with less than 5 hours of work per day.

All costs in plain view

Transparent costs, full cost control

Our pricing model

  • Monthly Costs from 5.900€*
  • Include:
  • - Aitme Robotic Kitchen (hardware)
  • - Service, maintenance and spare parts
  • - Customer support
  • - POS system
  • - Operating system to control the robot
  • - Customer app
  • - Cloud services and software development
  • - Aitme recipe directory with more than 80 recipes
  • - Culinary development

*Monthly Aitme usage fee: 3.000€, monthly leasing fee approx. 2.900€ based on 250.000€ purchase price. 10% down payment upon conclusion of contract. Contract period: 7 years. Leasing conditions depend on financing bank. Aitme is not the lessor.

Bon appetit

How your company benefits from Aitme

All-in-one solution: Kitchen Cockpit, app and kitchen robot
Plug & Play: No personnel worries
Zero stress: Easy installation and intuitive control
Delicious food, non-stop: Easy 24/7 operation
Fit for Future: Low investment costs